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I Like My Mother-in-law's Bras And Panties

when i was still dating my wife, i didn't feel anything for my mil. but after a couple of years, i began to notice her and the things she wore inside. that got me very turned on and i started finding opportunities to raid her lingerie drawer. when i am aware that no one is in her apartment, i'll drop by to go thru her drawer. better still if she's off for a trip. that gives me ample time to put on her bras and panties and her clothes, and have a good **** on her bed - fantasising that i'm humping her. in time, i started taking her bras and panties to keep. i often wear her panties to work and have an ertoic work day. there were occasions when she stayed over at my place for a couple of weeks. that's when i go beserk in the bathroom. coz she'll leave her unwashed undies there and i'll get a chance to sniff them and wear them to jerk off. of couse i have also seen her walking around naked in the bathroom and having her shower coz i know of a place where i could get a good view of her in the bathroom. and a number of times, i have seen her changing, wearing her bra and panty, when i walk past her room - she sometimes leaves the door ajar.
dinah0472 dinah0472 46-50, M 3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

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I used to sleep over at my MIL's one night a week when I worked real late in the summers. I always slept naked in the spare bedroom but would leave the door partially open for ventilation. In the early mornings while I was waking up I could see her looking in at me from the hallway. Needless to say, my morning wood was always in great shape and I loved the powerfully sexy sensation that came over me as she just admired my nude body in all its glory. One time, she slipped into the room in her most beautiful lacy bra and panties and just rubbed herself as I came to. She knew I was awake and that I loved being seen completely nude. Well, as she took care of herself, I lay back and stroked off slowly. We kept our little secret to ourselves over the years; and, next time I write, I'll tell you what happened when I found one of her expensive bras under my pillow.

Well, when I found her bra under my pillow, I knew she had my number. I could not wait to feel its softness and then try it on. What a rush! I was admiring myself in the mirror when MIL opened my door and saw me. She knew what I was up to and said she was going to make me feel like a woman all over. That said, she grabbed my erect ***** and tugged me into her room gently. She showed me all her beautiful lingerie and make-up, and made a deal with me. She would completely transform me into a beautiful woman if I agreed to give her a deep tongue every week. Who could resist those terms? The transformation took a few hours but every moment was precious. It began with a bubble bath and shave. Stick around and I'll tell you what happened next.

Gosh, wish my MIL was like that. She left her bra for you - you lucky guy. I had to pinch them from my MIL. I'll add another condition to the deal - I'll want to hump her all dressed up as a woman.

I don't know how you control yourself going into the bathroom with mil sitting on the toliet i would have a major hard on and i would just have to get it out for her to see! With all that your telling us its got to happen soon??

Yes, this happens often when we travel as a family and I get to share a room with her. She'll be sitting on the pot and she'll let me go in to get stuff. Gosh, the sight of her pubic hair is enough to get me rock hard. And after I walk out, I'll stand where I can still see her and jerk off facing her. Hope she saw what I was doing.

Aww i always leave my panties around the house