Sometimes a little too much! I often have to tell myself to put the camera down and just take in the moment and live it...not behind the lense!
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Keeping some balance on things makes sense for most subjects. Then again, maybe you have a career in film or photography ahead of you...

I completely agree with your perspective. What is your favorite photographic subject?

oh, cool. My favorite subject to photograph are rainbows, which don't come that often. I also photograph beautiful sunsets and sunrises, which I catch fairly often What camera do you use; is it a stand alone or is it on your phone?

Cool. My brother has a gopro too and he's been to some really exciting locations, like under the sea, and doing some interesting things, like skydiving. I haven't gone scuba diving or skydiving, but the pictures are cool.

I have multiple cameras; one on my tablet, another on my phone and a stand alone camera. My stand alone camera is my favorite because it always gets great pictures and I always have it with me.

I know how you feel.

But it's always good to record every moment of your life. So take a couple snap shots instead of 50 :)
Take care :)