Dancing On A Rope

The title is somewhat misleading.  I'm not particularly fond of taking risks.  Mostly it's foolish to take them, I think. 

I'm not a bungee jumper nor am I a surfer on the highest waves.  Yet my life was full of danger and never I was armed. 

I spent months in the war zones of this planet and in cities where bombs exploded all the time, everywhere.  That was risky business. 

When I'm asked how I managed, I say that there was no gun in my pocket but a pencil.

In dangerous places the senses are on alert all the time.  Fear is a bad companion there.  Every move has to be calculated and natural as well. 

That's the price to witness what nobody can see apart from those who are directly involved (and therefore see but a part).

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thank you, Sylph

See how much the story evolved from bunjee jumping to bomb explosions to a pen----cil...........<br />
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Great story, More. ;)

yeah, i know...*sighs, streches*

Risk....dirty mind...danger...excitement<br />
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Loving this story ...hehe

i just have to raise mu voice!

Strange enough, I got no recommendations for this one...<br />
This story, I mean, Sylph!

Must be, More........must be...

oh, I'm sorry, must be my ever dirty mind...

Ohhh...you are just bad... ;)<br />
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I was trying to be serious here, you know...

The thrill of the pencil in my pocket, sweet Sylph?

Hmmm...danger evokes excitement. <br />
<br />
That's where the thrill of holding that pencil comes in.