I absolutely love this picture. I can't stop looking at it.
I don't look like a stick person. My thighs look big and I look a but curvy. It may just be an illusion brought on by angles but it gives me a moment of self confidence.
It may not look like much in others' eyes but it's so much to me.
kittenasylum kittenasylum
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I like it too. Is that you.


Your thighs don't look big and you don't look "curvy," if that means overweight at all. You look lovely.

Not to the common person's eye but I'm so used to seeing no shape at all and legs I can fit my hands around.

You simply aren't skin and bones. You appear to be a very healthy size and shape. Very attractive.

My god, that door has no knob!

Lol it's the closet--a sliding door

I wasn't sure...

Of course you weren't. You haven't been I'm my house..that I know of...


No wonder I felt like I wasn't alone last night ..


Tell me your secret. You'll get your numbing quicker

I'd rather not say U.U

Boo you


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