Better Than Taking A Shower With Clothed Guys !

It's great to share a shower with other guys, love to check them out ! There's something about the steam, the water, the soaped up bodies. For me it's always an added bonus if there is some chest hair to see all soaped up too, but that's another story for another board.
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8 Responses Jun 22, 2013

Do you ever hard in the shower or does anybody else?

Yeah!!! I love gym showers!!

Totally agree one of the best memories when I played squash and the young lad next door sometimes came along as my partner after the game we showered together as you say the steam the water and the way he soaped up it was gorgeous for couple weeks

I always enjoy soaping my penis when in the communal shower at work or after the gym, when there other guys in there and they can see my **** firming up while I was it, pretending their not really looking. I bend over washing my feet so they can picture taking be from behind.

Same here and spend extra time soaping my butt...then facing them while im washing my face but really peeking thru my fingers.if someone pops wood im doing the same

Yes, I'm straight but I admit I love having showers with other guys, usually everyone gets a big hard-on in my experience!

Finish with a happy ending ?

Mmmm- can I 'lather up' with you? Feel somestimulation.....

Me too,
That is why I go to the sauna in leith walk x

i love it when u see a real hair man just covered from top to bottom and all the soap twisted in the hair