Heat Of The Moment

he looked at me he had found me i hadnt seen him since highschool he was so much bigger then i was! he grabbed me up in his arms i felt small and attractive we had talked before that meeting...out of the blue he messaged me ironicly i had been thinking about him at that moment our chat was amazing it got to the point where i was so wet and began touching myself i wanted him so badly but i just kept saying no to meeting him. the next morning i regretted not meeting him and jumping up on that big beast of a man. finally i said ' f u ck it' and met him..he had found me and grabbed me up it was the best hug of my life. we eventually got to his room i was na bit nervous but once he grabbed me i began kissing him nipping at his lips biting kissing squeezing a scratch down my back my shirt was gone and he was above me fondling my boobs telling me how amazing they are..next thing i know hes pulling my pants down trying to get those damn tight skinny jeans off 'fu ck it! ' i said and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants he grabbed me and plunged into me i was so wet it was amazing! so raw so intense kissing my neck and down onto my nipples the excitement spiking" your so beautiful" he says suddenly he grabbed my butt and hip forcibg himself hard and deeper i started to arch my back he stops pulls my hair its so good then he stops and goes down on me but i pulled him back up to me " no ***** me " i said he pulled me down the bed and attacked me again harder then i thought possible i start to ucontrollably belt out i cant stop i tell him its to much he says no he pulls me to him again and asks "can i ***?" "yes yes"i scream and he **** itoverwhelms me and i scream "im ******* dont stop!" he keeps going our *** soaking my butt he kisses me allover and falls asleep surrounding me in his massive body.
nayhomi nayhomi
Jan 12, 2013