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Nasty Talk

I love guys talking dirty to me at any time! It's such a turn on for me to hear what he's thinking about and what he wants to do to me. Or perhaps what he want s us to do together.
I dont really have a hard time to talk trash because I tend to talk nasty during sex and enjoy the same from the guy.
paula111111 paula111111 26-30, F 12 Responses Sep 19, 2011

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I'd love to talk dirty with you! I it possible?

I love dirty talk. Do you also like dirty chat via messages? I know it's not like the real thing but a great option in certain circumstances....

I'd like to get my wife to be more vocal when we ****. She is open, fun, explorative, and down right slutty sometimes in a great way, but never talks much doing sex. I do love to ask her about how she would enjoy another guy (or girl) doing the same things to her that I'm's so sexy!

I love doing it of course, hearing about your experiences, talking about mine, directing you in what you should do with your body using filthy words. Yum.

I would love to talk dirty to you as I ****** your hot ****....

A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. So tell me do you like to wear stockings to catch a man's gaze and start those naughty wheels turning?

i love it also we should do it sometime

My husband loves it when I talk dirty to him when we are making love because he has this image of me as such a respectable, straight-laced lady - it adds a whole new dimension to it when he's on top of me and in me and I turn into a total ***** . . .

Ah, like minds stick together! except I need to already like the guy...all the filth that comes to my inbox here right off the bat is NOT a turn on...but once numbers are exchanged, let the fun begin! Enjoy!

Love talking dirty and nasty!!!! MMMM, gets my **** so hard when a girl does the same

To me the sex talk makes it so much more intense. If I get nasty talk back from her I know she is enjoying what I am dong to her and with her. I want a woman to release her inner naughty/ nasty self to me. It gets me so into what we are doing.

its not just about talking dirty. for me, it is more about the woman being able to vocalize her wants and desires. If i can get her to the point where she is over coming her inhibitions, at least vocally, it is such a turn on.