Moral Story

A small child comes someday to a barber shop, the barber whispered to the customer saying : this is the stupidest child that i ever seen in my whole life ! hang on...i will show you .
the barber put a dollar in one hand and 5 bucks in the other hand ,and called the boy and offered him to chose between .
the kid took the dollar and walked away .
The barber said: and each time repeats the same thing.
When the customer came out of the store met the boy out of the ice cream shop.
Asked: Why take a dollar every time and do not take the five bucks???
The boy said: Because the day when i take the five , will end the game:)
Stupid is the one who treats others as stupid
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Another gem. thanks for daring it.

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lol... smart kid.. and a great story.. :)

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What do you have amputated? I am a nurse and have worked in rehab in the past. I worked with many different amputees.

Left hand..but am fine with the situation as i et over it and become a part of my life..

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Awesome story

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very nice story cute

I did the translation by myself its an Arabic story glad you like it :)

its a very sweet story

That is a great little story and a great lesson. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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