Tall Dark And Handsome

Wow tall guys do it for me am not that tall 5'4 but height in a guy is the most attractive quality after confidence. Tall guys make me feel protrected feminine ( yah I've read the other posts its been said before but this is really true). I love it too if he has wide shoulders and nice strong arms.He stands out when he's with other guys and I can say thats my man. He plays basketball so I go watch him with my friends and check out his toned body. He sweeps me up in his arms with such ease I feel skinny. I love tall men. So muscular so ..:))
Nawega Nawega
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

I like 'em tall too. Over 6' is good, 6'5" is nice too. I'm 5'7" and that way even in heels, they are taller then me.

So true! It's rather silly but even as a tough girl I still love having to stand on tiptoes to kiss :P