Tall = Hot

I'm a shortie myself, 5'4'' but I love my men tall. My first boyfriend in middle school was a basketball player and I think he got me hooked on height...lol.  I have a gf who thinks short women shouldn't be allowed to date tall men, she is 5'7" and says the pickins are slim enough w/out all us shorties jumping in to the tall men pond. I can't help myself tho, I just love the feel of a taller man next to me - I'm like Disney, you have to be this tall to ride this ride. 
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5 Responses Mar 25, 2012

Forget what your friend says. You can date whoever you wanna date. She probably say that because she can't find a tall guy, just saying. I love tall men myself.

Love short ladies.... love how they just happen to "fit" nicely with me....

Do you like high heels? do u wear them !? im 6'5" baby . Hazel eyes, great lips, talented tongue , and ten numble fingers, oh yeah , and a thick yet average ****! anyway . . . where u heels with me always babe. even in bed ! growl xo peter

oh no. i don't allow anyone's constraints dictate my happiness. and i love that i'm 'medium length', i will be borrowing that to describe myself. thanks for the new adjective...and the support.

lol! you r medium length! 5'5 onwards is talll for women<br />
i guess u can date anyone you like....... dont let ur friend bully you like that