I'm Atraccted to Tall Guys

I'm attracted to tall guys. I'm 5 feet 3" and my ex bf was 6 feets 1"  .........yeah do not laugh , I was his cane LOL.  For some reason I love tall guys , i guess is because I feel secure with them...


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9 Responses Aug 3, 2007

I love tall and big guys! They turn me on! It's like hugging a big teddy bear.<br />
Short guys can be cute, but tall guys are sexy!

Mmmm...I loves me some tall guys!

I like tall guys but I feel very comfortable with guys who are of my height. It gives me a sense of equity.

Hmmmmm, That can be huge false sence of security.<br />
I'm only 5'6 but kept taking out all the guys taller than me in boot camp and in matches just wrestling arround over seas during down time at barracks. I'm also very quick and strong. I think theres more to it than just security if you think about it.

yeah lol you nailed down the security feeling quite well.<br />
<br />
I like tall guys too, but then again, every guy I see is taller then me -_- (the ones that are older at least)

Tall and buff , i just think big guys are adorable.

Oh yeah!

i feel ya gurl im atttracted 2 older guys which r taller lol

That's so funny bc I'm 5'3 too but my ex bf is 6'5!!!!! Crazy combination lol I haven't dated a guy under 6'1 since 8th grade. It does help me feel secure too though. I love it!