Because i feel secured when im with one but not tall n thin at least they look average
Elleshore81 Elleshore81
36-40, F
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How tall?

Im 5'3 if in heels 5'6 so maybe 5'10-11 or 6'0

Oh! you are so sweet and petite, guess my height?

Actually 5 10.5

7'0 or so ?

Hehe not so tall you mischievous lady

Nearly 6 foot

Lol! Just try..:)

Ur tall

Yes quite tall. Much more than 3 inches hehe!

I'm trying to guess your nationality but I cannot make it out.

Make a guess

Trouble is you pic is tiny, but your skin tone suggests you could be an asian honey

The more i have trouble deciphering the ur look especially its all white

Oh ok do you want to see my picture?


Ok I am away from home now I will add one in a few hours, ok?? Hehe

Ok I added My picture for you Hehe

Only one hour ago I was speaking to a lady friend in Shanghai China

I think Asian women are very special.

Where are you from in Asia?

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