First Time I Knew I Loved Tall Women-valentine's Part III Continued...

I'll sum up what I heard very clearly from Kathy.

Hello....Yes....Okay....I don't think so....You say growth hormone secretion is still a concern but I won't grow as fast as you first thought....2-3 years....another 4-7 inches in that time...No major threat to my health at all...that's a relief but this still isn't good news to me....Okay....My feet are growing fast to catch up and support my growing body mass and size....That actually does make sense....Yes.....Another 4-7 full shoe sizes easily in the next 2-3 years....maybe sooner?....You think my feet are too small for my height and size now....The 16's are history!....I've already outgrown them... I did find another girlish pair to wear in 17's...Yes, special ordered...any day now........I'm prepared with 2 pairs of size 18's now....Yeah it's strange I them as gifts today before I ever received the 17's...I should be thinking of finding size 19's now you say....You're scaring me....Okay....I understand....This is where I should grow the fastest...My hands look fine I guess....I have noticed they're bigger and more muscular but I thought that they were in proportion with the rest of my body....You don't think so....I can't argue with you....Thank you!....I will let you know if I need to move my appointment up...Aha....okay....Goodbye!"

Kathy hang up the phone and quietly absorbed all the information. She felt like crying but there was a sense of hope for her future. She started to head for the basement when the phone rang again. This time it was her mom.

"Hi mom! Winter storm warning....yeah there's a foot of snow already!.....You're coming home now...I have good news I still don't like...The tests are negative but my growth hormone level is still high enough to prepare for size 19's now....Another 4-7 inches is what she says now....Another 4-7 full sizes...I'm okay with it I guess....Better than being a giant Amazon mutant over night....Yep!...They came today....Seem to fit fine...No real room to move my toes....Oh! You got something from Florida...Aunt Diane?....You'll have to bury the hatchet some time....He's here and cuter than ever!...Can't wait for you to meet him!...I got presents today from him and Ms. Hahoney....The pants are fixed....I haven't tried them on yet....I gave him a tour of the main floor and basement....Is there something you'd like to confess to me about your feet?...Remember we're measuring you tonight....I had a couple of bananas, a granola bar and a protein shake...He had a banana....Yes! I'm starving! Spaghetti with meatballs sounds good....I love you too....Be careful home in this...Okay.....bye!"

She hung up the phone as I walked up the steps and waved "Hi". She waved back and said "Sorry. Mom's coming home now. That means I'd normally have 30 minutes but with the snow and the way its falling so fast it may take her an hour to get home. Would you like to see the upstairs bedrooms?" I nodded and we resumed the tour. I could tell that she wasn't quite ready to share with me the news on her condition just yet by how her voice was shaking. I held her hand as we walked upstairs and she seemed to calm down a little. I pretended to not know her Mother's name and got an age and Nancy's exact Birth date. She's 42 and was born on Halloween. Kathy joked about her mom being a spooky baby as she went on to share with me how they celebrate Halloween and dressed up as witches last year. She showed me a picture of them both in green make up with fake warts and pointed hats and green and black striped stockings to boot. Then she showed me the Star Trek costumes her mom and her were in the process of making in her walk in closet for this year and how she had authentic "Spock" ears for her Vulcan high priest outfit she'd probably outgrow long before October. "Do you have any suggestions on fun outfits for a 7 ft plus woman who's just a giant kid at heart with candy to pass out to frightened little children who will think I'm the bride of Frankenstein no matter what I wear?" I downloaded ALL my fantasies of her dressing up as Princess Leia to Wonder Woman and Super Girl. She laughed but seemed really intrigued by all the possibilities I'd come up with in such a short time. "Obviously you've given this topic a lot of thought. I would be all of those ideas for you if I just knew how tall I'd be in October. If I'm Princess Leia will you be Luke or Han?" I answered appropriately. "Han Solo. Because Luke is the Princess' Brother and I want to be your hero." She reached down to pick me up and hold me as she said "You'll always be my hero no matter how much the height difference will be between us soon." She couldn't help but let what the doctor had told her bother her as she thought to their future and actually thought about what they'd look like in 7 years time when he was finally 18 and she was 25.

  I looked around at all of her trophies on the shelves and medals hanging up beside them from Basketball and volleyball and all the awards and certificates from her academic accomplishments hanging up on the other wall by the closet throughout the years. "WOW! You're as beautiful a person inside as you are on the outside." She held me from behind and bent down to kiss my forehead. "Turn around Mister! You deserve a better hug and kiss from me for that awesome compliment!" I turned and received a nice bear hug and kiss on both sides of my cheeks. "Want to see my mother's room?" I nodded and we went in there to see a familiar pair of Teva sandals on the floor at the foot of Nancy's bed. "I bet she comes home to change and puts these on with socks for you. She might just know everything I know about you and want to make you feel as comfortable and like one of the family as we possibly can tonight. We will see how these size 15's fit her feet and know for sure if she's outgrown all her 14's. I saw the pair of specially ordered shoes that came in the mail before I could cancel the order. Remember how I went from a 14 to a 16 and didn't enjoy these sandals as how I as should have?" I nodded and recalled all the wonderful days where I'd watched her feet outgrow 3 pairs of shoes and then the week where her toes went way over the edge of the size 15 sandals. It was an amazing experience that would soon come again quickly as if over night. "I know she didn't send the shoes back and is wearing them today. The box is under her bed. I peeked and sure enough a special pair of nice size 15 men's dress shoes that could pass for women's shoes was missing. "Here's what they look like." She found the catalog in the top dresser drawer where all of Nancy's great many pairs of different colored socks were neatly separated by style and color.   

Kathy began to feel fatigued and changed her plan about the foot massage being downstairs on the couch to being upstairs in her bed. "Are you alright? You do look a little pale." Kathy tried to smile but found it too difficult to stand and focus. "I'm too tired all of a sudden to go all the way downstairs. We have plenty of time before mom gets here. Why don't I tell you about the news my doctor seems to think is good for me and you can finally get to work on these tired BIG feet of mine." I smiled and took her enormous hand as she lead us back to her room and lied down on the shrinking bed. As she adjusted a pillow and tried to relax her giant 6'10 3/4" body she could feel where her feet were close to the edge and said out loud to me "I'm gonna need a bigger bed soon!" She read my mind! This was exactly what I was thinking. "Pull up my chair from my desk and go to town Mister! These feet are finally all yours now." I eagerly did as she playfully commanded and discovered how fast I could learn how to massage her awesome size 17's with her guidance throughout the detailed account of her tests and conservation with her doctor. "You can dig in harder to my feet. You're not hurting me. Go down some and use your thumbs like you're kneading Dough for cookies.....That's it! Good! I love you for making my feet feel so good!" I had no idea that her feet were growing right before my eyes!!

She began her story. I pretended to not know what her beautiful sweet voice was telling me and massaged her feet so well that she eventually became tired and relaxed enough to sleep ten minutes later just after finishing how tall she'd be and what her predicted foot would be even sooner. She was so in the restful sleep zone that she began to snore louder and louder. It was funny! Then I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to study her feet more closely. I put my tiny hands to her feet and rolled the chair back to place the small soles of my size 6 feet to her gigantically proportioned dreams come true and witnessed the incredible full 11 sizes difference first hand. Little did we know that these feet were literally growing right before my eyes!

 My favorite Christmas gift was in my backpack and would capture on film the last night Kathy's feet would be a size 17. Thankfully my new camera had fresh film and was advanced enough for the time to adjust to the light I'd quietly turned on to where there was little or no flash. After 5 pictures of all angles I could get away with as the gentle giant slept I returned my camera to the backpack and saw the size 17 shoes she'd received in the mail today calling me to try them on. The shoes were truly HUGE on me!! I had a weird feeling that I should be watching Kathy for sudden changes. I took the size 17's box & all to her room and watched Kathy roll over to her side in a deeper state of hibernation and relaxation. I felt a strange tinging sensation overcome me as I got down on my knees to hear Kathy moan and see her twitch as she dreamed. She tossed and turned until she settled on her back once more saying in her deep sleep trance "I didn't get to wear them...I'm skipping a full size and outgrowing my bed...He likes me TALL...We make a great couple...7 more years..." as she talked in her sleep I saw her start to stretch her toes and curl them downward in the pink socks as if preparing her feet and toes for most magical experience I've ever witnessed. Then she stretched her legs and pointed her feet straight towards me again curling her toes down as if she were commanding her legs and feet to lengthen and grow bigger. Her feet were now stretched out so far that I knew I must kiss them and begin massaging as quickly as possible. Something was telling me to calm her mind and body down with what I'd just learned from her in properly applying her massage techniques. I was digging in deep as she liked and relieving her sore muscles in her restless feet. Her new state of total relaxation was now to the point where her brain would signal the release of growth hormones in a rapid secretion throughout her body directly to the tips of her toes and back up her legs for even growth and development for this short growth spurt. I saw her feet expand up and up to a new size as her legs and body lengthened out and out placing her newly grown feet just over the end of her 7ft. bed. There was no denying what had just occurred. She had to be 7 ft. tall or taller now. I looked at her beautiful feet and kissed them gently once more and I heard the gentle giantess sigh from feeling my love for her. With a size 17 shoe I confirmed that she were now at least a full size too big for them. I got up and walked to her left side where I laid down and held her as she rolled over accepting my welcome presence and company without waking or stirring from her peaceful sleep. I kissed her cheek and she kissed me back for the first time full on the lips. She smiled in her slumber and held me as if the dream came true for her in her mind many years from now.

I heard the sound of a car pulling into the driveway and carefully released myself from Kathy's warm embrace so as not to disturb her and went down to quietly introduce myself to another TALL woman I had fallen in love with at first sight. "Shhh! She's sleeping in her bedroom. I'm Andy it's nice to meet such an attractive and sophisticated TALL lady. I can clearly see where all of Kathy's inner and outer beauty comes from." I had poured it on too thick and was embarrassed enough to feel my cheeks turn bright red. Nancy smiled down at me and knelt on one knee to embrace me for a nice hug and kiss. "You're even more cute and thoughtful than Kathryn said you were Mr. Andy! Thank you for being such a good friend to my daughter and helping us both feel good about being so TALL and having such BIG, BIG feet. Don't worry about going home tonight. I've spoken to your dad and you can spend the night if you want. There's now a level 3 snow emergency and no one should be out in the blizzard I just came from." She stood to her full height and removed her strangely dry and untethered new shoes slowly right before my eyes as Kathy had done so many times before at school. "I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. These shoes were meant to be Kathy's. I never sent them back for a refund because I outgrew my size 14 shoes and now take a snug but still comfortable size 15. Kathy isn't the only one growing around here." She pointed to her pants being noticeably too short. "Will you let me measure you before Kathy wakes up?" She thought about my question and a weird grin came over her face as she said "Why not?"

We walked to the kitchen and she gracefully stood still. "There's a chair in the corner you can use to stand more level with me. I'd hold you but I want to do this right for you." I found the tall chair and climbed up on to it beside her. I was still way too short to be level with her but tall enough with the chair to see that Nancy was indeed taller than 6'6" just like we thought. "Well, honey. What does the tape measure say?" I was stunned and Nancy saw the look of surprise on my face letting her know she was taller than what Kathy had guessed earlier. I cleared my throat and said in my best doctor's voice "You're just a hair over 6'8 1/2" Nancy laughed out loud thinking I was joking. Then her face had a look of shock as I placed a thumb tack on the exact spot where my hand came on top of her hair and leveled with the tape and she turned to see how serious I really was. "Oh my God! How did I grow so much in such a short time? I was just measured at my doctors annual check up last month at being 6'7 1/4"! How could I have grown nearly another inch in less than a month?"

From the front room we saw a tall shadow approach and take the form of Kathy as she walked up to us without saying a word. The size difference between mother and daughter was still about the same as it should be according to their recent measurements. Finally Kathy broke the eerie silence. "There's something in the water making us both grow. You are 6'8 1/2" and see that the shoes by the door are 15's." Nancy nodded and started to apologize as Kathy put her long finger to her mouth to be quiet. "Measure me. I just had a dream about growing and woke up to feel my feet at the very end of my 7 ft. bed." Nancy gulped and stood aside as Kathy took her place to be measured. Nancy and I both were checking Kathy's body out for signs I'd grown taller and that her feet were indeed bigger. As if she knew what we were thinking she stated "I'm pretty sure my feet are a size 18 now. I felt them grow as Andy massaged them perfectly." She held my face with her hand and then gently patted my face as her newly grown larger foot rubbed mine. "In 7 years you will be 18. If I don't have a boyfriend by then you're gonna be it Mister. I think we were meant to be friends and so much more according to my very realistic dreams with past month." She stood up straight to new full height. Nancy had no trouble seeing the how much taller Kathy than last night's marking. "You're 7 ft. and half an inch now. Almost 2 full inches taller than last night before you went to bed. I think you did grow a little in your short nap just now but you've been growing since last night for sure and most likely all through the day. My guess is you'll be even taller tomorrow when you wake up." Kathy nodded in agreement and wrapped her arms around her mother for a hug that defied their situation and showed how close they would be no matter what happened to their bodies in the days and years ahead. They both picked me up to be in the middle and eye level with them to kiss.

I was put down gently to look up and up at the two towers I loved and watched as Kathy found her size 18 shoes to fit perfectly....for now. 

Nancy excused herself to change into something more comfortable and I winked at Kathy for being so right about the wardrobe change down to the brightest white socked feet I'd ever seen being just over the front of the sandal. Looks like you'll be needing my 16's before I take a 19 in a few days." It was very plain to see that Nancy was growing out of shoes as fast as Kathy was. "Why don't I make dinner and you see if the pants are long enough to wear. Kathy tried on the pairs of pants while I sat in the only chair I didn't have to have help climbing into in the whole entire room watching. Sure enough Donna had taken into account how much Kathy would grow by Ms. Hahoney's and Nancy's predictions. "When you told me about your visit I panicked and called Donna who was just letting out the last pair another inch. We were prepared in the pants department and maybe shoes for now but we really need to look at those new catalogs and see about quickly special ordering not just 19's but I'm thinking 21's just to be safe." 

Dinner was served and I witnessed a starving Kathy wolf down her first plate of spaghetti then a second helping before retiring to the couch to rest. The phone rang and Nancy spoke to a sales representative for New Balance shoes about how high their sizes went up to and how fast they could send a size 19 and size 20 of their largest pairs of shoes to their door. The sales rep said he could help and gave his recommendations on the fastest method of delivery. Nancy gave her credit card info and placed the order as Kathy's over 7 ft. body fell back to sleep on the couch with her feet dangling over. The night took all 3 of us to an early slumber as we were eager to see what the morning and new day would bring. Somewhere around 8 Kathy had scooped me up off the love seat to lie in her brothers abandoned bed. Eventually Kevin would move in with an uncle and I would have this room to spend the night in often throughout the years.


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I think Tall Women Rock

So basically I’m a 7’7 women and I have a women’s size 25 shoes size (men’s size 23) and I’m currently married to a man who is 4’5 yes 4’5 which means I am 3 feet and 7 inches taller than my husband. My husband is also a toddlers size 11 in shoes. We have 7 kids, 5 girls and 2 boys. Our first daughter is 16 and she is 7'4 and has a men’s size 22 shoe size or a women’s 24 our second daughter who is 14 and 7'1 wears a women’s size 20and a men’s size 18, our third daughter who is 12 and 6'9 women's shoe size 18 and men's 16, our forth daughter is 7 and 6’4 and wears a women’s size 16 and a men’s size 14, and our last daughter who 3 almost 4 is 5’7 and currently wears a men’s size 11 and a women’s size 13, and first son who is 22 is 4’8 and wears a boys size 2, and our last son who is 18 4'3 with a toddler size 8. Our daughters always like to put my feet up against the guys and see how my big toe is bigger then all of their feet and that both of husbands feet only take up about a fifth of my foot and both of my husbands feet almost reach the ball of our 3 year olds feet. My 18 year old son's toddlers size 8 is the same size as my pinky toe and then when we make them put all of their feet together in one of my shoes it's funny because their is still half of the shoe left because all of their feet together barely takes up half of my foot and both of my feet together is almost as tall as my 18 year old son too, They almost reach his shoulders. It's also funny because only my big toe can fit in the two older guys shoes and my pink to can fit in my 18 year olds shoe. My big toe is almost 5 inches long and my pinky toe is 4 inches long and all together I think one foot of mine is 21 inches long which mean both of my feet together is 42 inches or like 3'8. And don't forget about our hands... My hand is 17 inches long my husbands are about 5 inches daughter 1's hands are are 18 1/2 inches daughter 2's 17 inches too daughter 3's are 15 inches daughter 4's are 13 inches and daughter 5's are 7-6 inches, son 1's are about 7 1/2 inches and son 2's are about 4 inches.

Yeah. I kind of went over the deep end.<br />
I've taken too long to tell a TALL tale where my character is way too young to do anything for several years and we already know there's a strong bond between me & Kathy down the road.<br />
I may let this go in favor of a re-write where I'm older and closer to Kathy's age. 7 years is too long to write about every individual day or week. <br />
Thanks for your comments!<br />