Going With Flow

I've been trying to go along with the flow for many years now. I cannot remember how I got exposed to Taoism. I was born and raised in Japan, so my common sense came from buddism way without our society or parents told us that's what it is. It was just natural thing to do. Yet we, in Japan, still have lots of ego and attachment. Reading about Taoism was very inspirational and that was the way I wanted to live.
It is easy to live that way when everything in my life is going well.However, when there is adversity or some emotional problem, all the thing I used to do go out of the door. I go right back into the black hole, back to the negative-me.
Over the years, I repeat this same process over and over. I am happy to say that this time around, I am bouncing back quick. I was still able to be nice to people. I am accepting what is much better. Yes, there was discomfort in accepting it, but I think as I do it more and more, it gets easier and easier
honeyangel honeyangel
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

yes, more you try, more you practice, it gets easier, and becomes natural one day. <br />
Accept, accept, accept... and let it be... and be happy knowing that things will fall in places. What's right for us will be ours without trying hard to get it.