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San Ching Jiao Zu Wu Lian Tien Zun


If you don't know it, that's the Taoist chant to the three pure ones. Just sound it out, mutter it like a sutra, belt it out in a deep baritone like a chant, sing it, whisper it, whatever you like. just recite it often.
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1 Response Oct 12, 2010

Chanting is just one of the meditative tools or methods to help us relaxed in the present moment, to keep our mind from straying away to the past and future. It is likely that chanting would work for auditory type of persons. It doesn't necessary be effective for anyone. If you think this chanting method works, you can use whatever string of words in whatever language or sounds that suit you. There is no hard-and-fast rule on this (unless you want to make it so).