My Philosophy

I'm an author constantly looking for answers to a dream I had as a child,a dream I had hundreds of times. In this dream I stood at the steps of this huge white building I equate to ancient Greece. Grand, white marble, pillars, the whole nine yards. People walked in and out of this building. I stood there as the only child in the group. I was always too afraid to go into this building, instead speading my time outside people watching. Then the dream changed, after several uneventful nights there a man came up to me in this dream. He told me that this place held all of our knowledge. Everything we know and will ever know is inside. He told me it was our right to enter this place when we were ready. As in, when we lived enough lives to understand our origins, our birthrites. I never had the guts to ever enter, instead opting to take conversations with this man nightly. It seemed to go on for years and I barely remember the conversations. I recall a math he showed me, explaining life was vibrations, tones and math. He dubbed these the elements of the elements.

Later in life, I found a passion for writing. I started with a few novels I thought the general public would like, thriller, horror, fun fiction. Then I decided to jump into subjects I am truly passionate about. I then wrote "Shattered Destiny" which is based on what I believe I would learn in that building. It is one of a million theories I have about our conversation. I could never tell it as truth, but I could entertain with my theories. The problem is, people read it as a great story not a deep meaning issue.

Now, honestly, I am an author and make my life entertaining with my writing, but that is not what this is about. As I work through reincarnation, alternate realites and the like in this book, it comes to a dramatic end. What I believe to be or could be part of my truth. I would love for you all to read my novel and write me personally with what you think AND MORE IMPORTANTLY I want you to give me your ending to the book. Once you read it, you'll understand mine. I need to hear yours. It will enlighten me and maybe even spawn the next adventure for me to write. The book is available at and is called "Shattered Destiny" my name is Rick Giernoth and when you are done with it, tell me your story.

If you think others might be interested in helping my endevour, please pass it on. Thank you. You can copy and paste this to go to an excerpt and title page.
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Jun 25, 2012