Always Leave A Little To The Imagination...

I've always preferred the feeling of being enticed to being offered everything at once. The same goes for my tastes in erotic art. I prefer a more suggestive style to being overly blatant.   Show only enough to cause my mind to wander...and I can take over from there. 

A tiny exposed amount of flesh, a expression...
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I like the creative mind working...I think this just reflects your intelligence and playfulness...of you :)

I could not have said it better....a little goes a long way for the imagination!

Dear Young Lady,<br />
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You are correct: Quite often, at least in writing, understatement speaks louder than overt reference. Erotic visual art, however, may differ from erotic writing. Whereas just a few words can trigger vivid pictures in a reader's mind, in a painting or photo you may want to show more---and the viewer may want to see more---than just a sketch. When a writer introduces a character as "Tina Smith," you immediately visualize someone. That person is female and, almost certainly, has physical attributes that would distinguish her from someone with the name Charlene Beaumont. Able to exploit the reader's imagination, the writer does not need to supply a detailed picture. In fact, supplying such a picture would probably involve a thick desc<x>ription of two or three pages that would only slow down the story. By contrast, a painting or photo can afford to be, and often should be, teeming with detail: Maybe the painter's image of Tina Smith will clash with the viewer's preconceptions. Maybe not. The writer doesn't have to worry about pictures so much. Just a sentence or two is usually enough to establish a clear picture in the reader's mind. Unlike the painter or photographer, however, the writer must generate a flow of images that make up a story---and that, not the pictures themselves, ought to be the writer's main concern.

Your avatar expresses that same vibe. Glasses, librarian type.