So True.

The typical **** mag pictures can't measure up to a tastefully done photo. It is all about the mood that is conveyed.  You know how it can be when an erotic picture speaks to you.  

For me, I favor black and whites, although there are some color shots and color filtered shots that work.  A suggestive look from or pose the subject can turn me on more than some Barbie doll type just showing their T&A.  It doesn't need to be all skin either.  In fact some of the better ones that I am thinking of in my mind will have some sort of basic lingerie, the body partially exposed; maybe the outline of a nipple, part of the areola, the curves down the back.  It could be a model, it could be someone just like you or me.  Everyone has a sensual side and the best photos capture it.
stndoerr28 stndoerr28
Jan 17, 2013