Intimate Tattoo

Lisa and I went out for dinner then came back to my place for drinks and chat time.  somehow she got around to the subject of my tattoos and admitted she like the ones she had seen on my thighs; both snakes.  I jokingly told her it was about time she got one and would help her pick out an attractive one.  To my suprise she agreed with the condition that she could pick one out for me.  Sounded fair enough.

We went to several web sites and I found a butterfly sitting on a flower that would look great on her hip.  With her suggestions I resized it to reasonable proportions and printed it out.  She took off her jeans and I held it up over her panties to admire how it would look.  Perfect and she accepted it.

Now she began her turn at selecting from sites and of course did a search for snakes.  A hugh smile came over her face as she exclaimed, "I found it!!".  A two tailed snake and I know right where it's going.  Right between the two on your thighs".  Did the same routine of sizing, printing and after I took my pants off she held it up to my pubic to admire.  Kept my end of the bargain and agreed with her selection.

We both had tomorrow off so decided we would go ahead and get both done.  I told her that meant I would have to shave for the tattoo and had never done that.  She admitted she occasionally she herself and would be more than willing to do it for me.  She went and got my razor, scissors and baby oil while I ******** in preparation.  With some apprehension I laid on my back and let her go to work.  Scissors first to shorten as much as possible then the oil and razor until I was bald.  I admired her handy work and we made plans for tomorrow; breakfast then to the artist to see if her could fit us in.  We were both quite aroused and so she stayed and sex with a bald man.

The shop was not busy and we only had a 15 minuted wait as he was just finishing a customer.  I agreed to go first so she could see what the procedure involved and would be less apprehensive.  I ******** to the thong I put on that morning and laid on the bench.  He prepared the transfer and applied to my pub, centering carefully.  Gave him the OK and in about one-half hour I was the proud owner of a new tattoo.  Lisa's turn and she ******** to panties and laid on her side, the transfer applied and with no difficulty she was done. 

Obviously where they are placed we only share with each other but often make suggestive remarks to each other in public just for reaction.
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61-65, M
May 25, 2012