Think Before You Ink...

I love tattoos. I think they can be a wonderful way to paint a little of your personality on your outsides... However, they can also be a giant mistake if you don't think before you apply that all too permanent ink.

I have two tattoos that I got when I was 18-19 years old. I was very into body piercing as well, and had lip, eyebrow, navel, assorted ear parts, and a couple in my tongue. My parents HATED this, but didn't disown me or quit paying for college or anything like that. As much as they hated that, I knew they were 50x more anti-tattoo, and I didn't want a war. So I got my tattoos done on spur of the moment impulses in non-visible places.

A decade later now, I still have these impulsive and oddly placed tattoos. Neither was done by an artist who was very skilled, and neither of them mean anything to me. They are just there. If I had it to do over, I wouldn't have rushed into an impulsive, fun, and not well thought out piece of permanent art on my body. I would have researched different artists, and thought about what really meant a lot to me.

Instead I am 30 years old with a muppet on my hip and a random panda on my back. Oh life.
LilyBloomBlossom LilyBloomBlossom
31-35, F
Jun 25, 2012