My Tattoo

hey i absolutely love tattoos i have one on my lower back and hopefully plan to have another at the top of my spine. I love watching Miami Ink I love watching Kat doing her black and white ones they are totally cool.
I remember I had wanted a tattoo for so long and I happened to meet a guy who was a tattoo artist he said that he would do my tattoo for me so I never told anyone i was going to have one especially not my mum and off i went to have it done I got to the shop and I chose my little tribal design and off we went I remember leaning over the chair and exposed my back. I was crapping myself the noise made me worse he said right I'll just start a little bit to let you get the feel of it. It was OK but I just suddenly felt totally sick i said Jay you are gonna have to stop I feel sick so he stopped the next thing I remember was waking up on the floor with him staring over looking really pale screaming my name how embarrassing anyway he let me lie down while he did my tattoo and it didn't hurt one bit................................Oh yeah and my mum totally kicked my *** but she couldn't really do anything i was over 18 anyway she came round in the end.
myangel1979 myangel1979
36-40, F
Apr 20, 2007