True Dedication

I think it was my brother that opened me up to the world of tattoos. I was always afraid of getting one because I thought that once I started I wouldn't be able to stop...I was right.

In order to help achieve some of my goals, I will only allow a new tattoo if I have accomplished a goal. My next tattoo is allowed when I have reached my goal weight of 165 lbs.

Right now I have stars on my foot, an infinity symbol on my hip and a phrase in Japanese on the inside of my forearm.

I really like shows like Miami Ink (rather than magazines and whatnot) for two reasons: one of them is that you can see the art happen and truly appreciate the skill of the artist and the other is that you have a chance to hear the background on tattoos that might otherwise seem confusing or ambiguous.

Tattoos are a wonderful form of self-expression, and I'm really happy so see that they have gained such a wide popularity again.
KarmaFred KarmaFred
18-21, F
May 10, 2007