Two Down...

I have two but find it addicting and want more. I need to find someone to design something for me instead of picking something off a wall. I know I want "eyes" and some sort of fairy but not sure where to put them. I have wings on my back (when "THE CROW" was popular) :) and a black widow on my ankle from long ago. I joke that it's in honor of my ex.... Soooooooooo give me ideas people.


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5 Responses Jun 16, 2007

lol -yep - that would be a little disconcerting.<br />
how about on the back of your neck? they could watch your back. :)<br />
<br />
I love tat's too and can't wait to get my next one - I know what I want and where I want it - just gotta get the bucks to pay for it!!!

Well I do know I want the two mentioned but not sure where to put them... the eyes for instance; Do I really want eyes along my bikini line looking back at someone? lol See my dilemma...

One a the lovliest tats I ever saw on a woman was a small tiny flight of butterflies coming up from where yaz had yaz fingers earlier. They varied in size and color . The largest was only about the size of a thumb nail. The work was delicate and beautiful.. needless ta say was sexy as hell wonderin exactly where the where coming from the wee trail of em ran from er coochie ta just shy of her belly button on a ecleptic spiral.

I've four....and want more. I agree...relatively addicting. Art. personally I think tribal art on the small of a womans back to be not only a tease, but very sexy.

I know someone that has a phoenix tat. She really likes it. She got it in reference that she is being reborn and it has a phoenix coming out of the ashes. It is pretty cool.