I Have No Idea Why But......

I absolutly love tattoos. I currently have five and want more. SOmething about the feeling of the needles peircing my skin. I don't know if I get off to it or what, but after I get one, no matter how small, I feel.....I don't know how to describe it. Alive. Like all my worries disappeared. If only for a moment...........(Yes, I know. I am throwed off in the head at times! He! He! He! That's why my friends love me!!!)
LadyRant LadyRant
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3 Responses Jun 17, 2007

well if you like tattoos - im your guy :o). i bet i can whoop one on ya that will take all your worries away. lol my twin brother had a tatto shop for a while and i drew his custom pieces - it was fun - i did some tattooing also. my brother said if i stuck with it i would be better than him- i even tattooed a woman right next to her woohoo between her legs- thats when tattooing started turning me on -he he he . well talk at you later . bye

I have always wanted to skydive as well. My ex and I were planning a trip to go, until he left me to go back to his kids. Maybe I will do it anyway!

I have a friend that I"m going to see that is like that. She commented that she is running out of space, so we are going skydiving. lol, quite a bit different. :P