I Love Love Love Mine!

My tattoo is a tribal sign with a butterfly flying away from it on the bottom of my spine going upwards!!!

I love it! it really means alot to me!
I have always wanted a tattoo but i wanted something i had deep meaning to or i had designed etc!

The actual design came from a design on the back of a tshirt i saw in Altinkum! when i was there i was like there is the tattoo I'm gonna get!
But everyone knows me for a wimp so they all didn't believe i would have it done n neither did i so i dropped the subject!!

My best mate asked me what i wanted for my birthday n i couldn't decide so she said right I'm paying for your tattoo!
So we booked it chose the butterfly size etc!

When i was having it down i was thinking about the path he was drawing on my back n i was like! its true!

The tribal sign is all twisting on itself n dead ends etc n that is what my life was like before i met my best mate n i was so boring not waning to take risks or do things that i want to as others didn't!
N the butterfly looks like it has been in the trap n finely flying free n that is me flying free from the dead ends n twists n turns to a better life!

So not only does it remind me of my holiday, of my life but also of my best mate!!! how ace is that!

oh yeah n it looks stunning!
cant wait to get my next one done!
sazead sazead
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3 Responses Feb 21, 2007

Personally, I like Tecos!!

Oh i would def do it! if you have strong feelings to it n have really thought about it! then go for it! it doesnt hurt as much as people say it does! the outline is a bugger but mine was nmassive compared so it probably will feel a lil uncormfortable n wierd but once you have it done you will love it n feel so proud of yourself for getting it done!!<br />
<br />
I know i was! =-)

I have thought about getting a tattoo of a dragonfly on my ankle. Just a small one, dragonflys have a very special meaning to me but I am scared to get it done! I have never gotten a tattoo before.