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Reaching The Edge

I absolutely love edging a guy.

I love using my hands, mouth, and hell even toys to bring a guy to the brink of ******- only to stop everything completely just before he's about to lose it. It's such a turn on to watch his poor, hard **** twitch helplessly while he moans in frustration. I love to see how many times I can do this to a guy before he's begging me to let him ***. It's incredibly hot to have that kind the power to decide when a guy finally gets to release his load.
LaceyVixen LaceyVixen 22-25, F 15 Responses Aug 10, 2010

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mmmmmm love it you can do that to me anytime

GF is a world class tease and loves all of this


That would make the ****** all that more intense.

You sound like a perfect partner. I love to keep my **** on the edge for as long as possible... usually spending too much time on here! .... Often the pleasure of this is better then the final release... would love for you to help me long the way!!

Weeks? That sounds excruciatingly wonderful. How do you keep him from wasting it in his private time, though?

:D You up for it?

I think about two weeks. But I'd love to try for longer ;)

OMG, you are the perfect woman!

sounds like a perfect way to spend a weekend. can i sign up somewhere?

Yes please.

MMMMMMMMMMM where do I sign up for that treatment?

Sounds exciting. ;)

& i would absolutely love to be that guy! i would try so hard not to beg, just so that you would tease me more. but what happens after i beg?