Turning Him On

Driving to my parents dinner with my boyfriend turned out to be incredibly hot. Slowly reaching over and unbuttoning his trousers, and sliding down the zip as he drives. i sit there and slowly rub his penis through his boxers an telling him in a slow soft voice what i would like him to do with it. i wait until we are about 5 Mins away from arriving, remove me seat belt and lean over him. i kiss his softly though his boxers and slide my hand into then to massage his balls. when we pull up he expects me to give him a blow job in the car park, instead i zip his trousers up and tell him to hurry up before we are late. the look on his face was priceless as he walked inside with a bulge in his trousers ;) he made me pay for it later that night tho.....
icclebabyali icclebabyali
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11 Responses Aug 11, 2010

you area amazing this is the kid of thing i would want my gf to do to me.

OOOOO... wicked! I would be spanked so hard for doing that!!!!!

That is really hot.

that was awesome. I would have begged you for more.

Teasing can be cruel :-)

Awesome story and where would you like me to drive you? hmmmm?

No I have not, I have been very good to him

and have you done the samething again?

It was defo worth it tho, the bulge in his trousers all evening kept me smiling, it's very rare I am in a position of power and I loved it

and goodon him i'd do that and root to.

when we got back to his, he handcuffed me to his bed, and left me alone for 2 hours with a vi brator attached to my *****. my punishment then involved a bit of spanking and begging for his forgiveness ;)