Love A Woman Who Teases

First for this story to make any sense you must know two things.
!- I love to lick. it is damn near a fetish, as a matter of fact i guess it is a fetish.
2- I find the sight of a woman reading a magazine to be sexy as hell no not ****. womens or fashion the glossier the better] I'm not totally sure why, but I always have.

My ex and myself were together for many years and new everything about each other. Although she was mostly very vanilla she occasionally would really get of on giving me a wicked tease.
One weekend morning we were taking a scenic drive just to sees what we could see. During the morning we stopped at several small shops and walked around. I noticed that she was standing unusually close and leaning her breasts into my arm. I was beginning to wonder if she wanted to play. Although it gave me a tingle when she did that, it was not that unusual so I did not think that much of it.
On the way back she wanted to stop at a bookstore. after walking around a little I found her over in the magazine section.When I walked up to her there was no one around so she leaned into me and gave my **** a couple of good strokes through my jeans.
Now I new I was in for it!
So after purchasing 5 or 6 magazines she looked up at me smiled, and said it was time to go home.
Of course once we got in the car she started to look at one of her magazines while sh rested her hand on my thigh. To say this was distracting is putting it mildly, but I had to concentrate on driving. she took great joy in causing me this erotic discomfort, and I have to admit I loved it also.
After a 45 minute drive home we finally pulled into the drive way. she leaned over gave my a deep kiss and as she rubbed my **** she told me that she hoped I did not have any plans because she had her own ideas for me. With that she gathered up her magazines and told me to follow her inside.
Once inside. I followed her into the bedroom. she told me take of all my clothing and to lie on the bed as she walked into the closet.
When she returned she was wearing a short satin robe. she walked over to the side of the bed and ran just her finger tip up and down the underside of my ****. While she did this she told me that she wanted to look at some of her magazines before we played, but she did not want me to get bored, so she told me to pleasure my self very slowly and tell her when I was about to ***. with that she walked over to the chair on the other side of the room and started to read.
I was turned on and frustrated and annoyed, but I did what she wanted.
As i started to rub myself I could not take me eyes off her she had me where she wanted me and she new it. of course that made it all the more exciting.
When she my breathing getting faster she looked over and told me stop.
I reluctantly did.
She warned me that if i came before she had several ******* that we would never do this again. So after a couple of minutes I had calmed down she told me to start up again , while she went back to her magazine.
This scenario repeated itself about 5 times. each time I stopped she would stop reading and talk to me about every day stuff making me answer so that my mind was distracted.
The last time she told me to stop she asked me what I wanted.
Of course I said I wanted to ***!
She smiled and told me to come over to her.
As i stood in front of her with my **** throbbing, she gently ran her nails around the underside and balls. While doing this she told me that I was to lick her for the next 30 minutes. I was not to stop until she told me to, and if I intentionally made her over sensitive the game would be over.
well of course I agreed. I dropped to my knees in front of the chair as she put the magazine down and spread her legs and laid back.
As i started to gently run my tongue up and down her lips I could feel her finger stroking my hair. It drove me insane.
So for the next half and hour or so (i guess} i slowly and gently massaged her **** with my tongue and lips. speeding up only to bring her to ******,them softly licking her lips and insides until she calmed down then back to her ****.
Her last ****** was huge. Thighs and legs clamping around my head while her juices flooded my mouth. Her body went limp and she told me stop licking but to keep my head where it was.
When her breathing went back to normal she told me to lie back on the bed.
She went and got two ties out oh the close and started to secure me hands to the bed posts. While she did this, she told me that she had intended to drive me insane for 2 hours and we only had about 10 minutes left.
After i was secure she got some lube from the night stand and sat on my stomach in a reverse cowgirl position.
My **** was already aching for relief as she put some lube on it and started in.
She was Amazing!
Her fingers of one hand were slowly stroking the side of my shaft while the finger tips of her other was massaging the underside of my ****.
I was moaning and begging her to let me ***. I know it only excited her more.
each time I was close to ****** she would move her hands to my balls for a few seconds then she would move back to my ****.
It reached the point where I had lost all control and thought. all I could feel was her hands on me as I moaned.
Finally I felt my legs go straight and that orgasmic sensation rushed through me.She felt it and wrapped her hand around my **** and jerked for all she was worth. Even though she was sitting on my I still raised my hips.
I was moaning and she was screaming as stream after stream came out. She gently massaged my **** and balls as I caught my breath.
It was Amazing!!

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this is a amazing post thanks for posting it just filled my head with all kinds of new fantasys thank you very much