Just Getting Started

I am new to this group on EP.
I have always enjoyed a good tease and also started to explore male chastity. I have been reading up on it.
I was getting quite turned on reading about these subjects, so I purchased a CB Curve and then got a short 6000 cage for it.
Last week I got a steel belt with a tube on it.
Today I was working from home in my office. I put on the belt with the tube and wore a knee length pleated skirt to cover it up.
By late this afternoon I had become very arroused by my being locked away.
Over the weekend I had read a story about milking male slaves. It was about how to train your slave to produce his *********** without an orgasam. Basically using a rubber washing up glove on the hand of the mistress to repeatedly bring the slave to the point of orgasam then stop for sixty seconds and start again until the point again. Eventually he will produce his *********** without orgasam.
Every time I read the story I would get hard.
I emailed my misstres to ask if she would do this training to me. She has not got back to me yet.
This afternoon I got the rubber glove and tried it on myself. Determined to do it correctly.
The glove made the process feel quite mechanical. After about ten mins I hit the point and let go then checking my clock for the 60 second break, I only got about ten seconds in and without orgasam produced a full load of ***. Slowly it trickled out and gave me an interesting feeling. After it had stopped and I stood there pondering on what I had just done, then a final bit pumped slowly out.
I straight away replaced my chastity belt. In one way I felt satisfied but as I had not had my orgasam there was this feeling of still being teased. Especially being straight back in chastity.
I hope I can get a misstres to take me through the full training program that consists of this once a week for twelve week without having an orgasam. It would be so much better to have a misstres who would tie me and make me perform this for the full twelve weeks. Then if I am good I can have a well deserved full blown orgasam.

I am enjoying the stories hear. Thanks for all that have contributed.
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My wife keeps her toy locked 24/7 released for useage only, she will control my stamina through ruined *******. She will stimulate her toy several times draining a little fluid each time, never draining the tanks fully. This always ensures an ever ready toy when she unlocks its metal cage.<br />
The hole thing keeps me feeling horny all the time, I only need to look at some women in work and I feel her toy growing against its metal cage.

Loved your story!

i wish i could get milked like that can anyone help milk me

I have managed to ruin many ******* in order to milk myself. I find the best way (with no chance of any satisfaction) is to stop before the point you mentioned. You then wait for a bit and start again. If you keep repeating this, eventually a little bit of *** will leak out with virtually no feeling at all. Keep repeating and gradually the amount of *** will increase until you have milked everything out. I haven't tried rubber gloves but might give it a go now.

keep on with the rubber glove i have been using gloves for over 10 years and find just the look of a glove makes me want to *** and it is so good at taking away any pleasure

i too would like to experience being milked. I have tried by myself but had no luck.