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EDIT: An apology, this rambles a little but stick with it.

I half remember a story from my earliest forays on the internet about a man controlled by his wife, who had to ask her permission to ****. It's a fairly common fantasy scenario, wife dominates husband, humiliates him, taunts him - she doesn't want sex with him and is amused/disgusted by his desire for ******* so sets him harder and harder tests. The scene I particularly recall has him kneeling on the floor wanking as she talks on the phone. He has no idea whether she is actually talking to one of her friends or not, she is amused and laughing

"Oh yes, you should see him now, I've never seen anything so ridiculous" and so forth. She goes on to suggest that the friend should come over and watch next time and the thought of being watched by her friends or the girls from his office both deeply shames him, and makes him ***. There's more chapters before and after but that one scene had a powerful effect on me and has never completely vanished from my memory

The reason I began this story today, is that I myself am finally experimenting with online T&D.

I got chatting with a pretty lady online yesterday, and we got naked, and I was enjoying myself immensely. Taking our time we got to chatting about fantasies and the like, and I remembered the old story. Long story short she offered to help, If I was willing to try seriously. I had jerked off twice earlier in the day already and was all ready to go again but there's no point in not giving it my all. We agreed to meet up the next day (today) online and check in.

I went to bed thinking of her naked body on the screen, and I woke up thinking about the same thing. I won't pretend I was rock hard and panting all day, because I'm in my thirties now and less fit than maybe I should be. The days of random unlooked for erections that won't go down are a memory. I'm not suffering any problems but I don't pop a ***** when the waitress leans over the table anymore, I'm not 14 or on viagra.

It did however make me think about ************. I jerk off regularly, some mornings and almost every evening. I'm currently single, I live alone and I have access to the internet. I do it because it's fun, it's exciting and hey, we all like an ******. But I have to admit, the thrill of those early years has gone. When you first got a new **** magazine home and into the privacy of your bedroom, when you first unhooked a bra, the first time you received a blow job. That spine tingling thrill that makes your hands shake and your mouth go dry. That has faded.

I am hoping that a little T&D may reinvigorate the act of ************, reintroduce that thrill of anticipation.

I can't say that I would have jerked off this morning, but having been told not to, I kept thinking about the fact that I couldn't until I left for work. Similarly I got home, had some dinner and a long hot bath. Normally I would have jerked off in the steam filled bathroom as the tub filled, but I didn't. I'm not in a frenzy of lust, but I am thinking about ************ a lot more, it is no longer just part of the day's routine.

I'll keep you updated
Blandyke Blandyke
31-35, M
May 19, 2012