Online T&d Part 2

So, in part one I gave a little history and explained that I was trying a little light online T&D. I realise that it might not be hardcore fantasy stuff - I'm not in chastity, there's no schedule of edging or regular teasing. All I can say is that this is a true story, not something made up for the pages of a magazine or stolen from a website stroke (or non stroke) story.

Last night I waited until our scheduled hour and contacted my lady friend. I'm not sure that mistress would be a term she'd welcome just yet. The tone of our interaction is gentler and more cooperative than 'Mistress' would suggest. Unlike our first chat she was clothed.

She asked if I had managed to keep from wanking all day. I explained that I had. Told her how I'd been thinking about her on and off all day, but that it hadn't been too much of a trial so far. Then she adjusted her webcam and I saw that whilst she wore a strappy cotton top, she was naked from the waist down. There was I, in the middle of explaining that self denial hadn't been too bad, when I popped a huge *****. The tip of my **** began to tingle in the most excrucating way and I had to give a gentle squeeze or two. We talked a bit more, she asked for details of how I was feeling, she told me how she had *********** last night thinking of me, horny but denied. I was oozing precum. Then she asked if I would wait another day. At the start of the chat I had been hoping this would be the outcome - As I said, the day hadn't been too difficult. By this point I wanted nothing more than to grab myself and splash the screen with my offering. However, I mean to take this seriously so I agreed, and agreed another meet up time which is in a couple of hours.

Today I woke up with a ***** which is something of a rarity. Morning wood is a common part of many erotic stories, and used for comic effect in a bunch of films, but isn't something that commonly bothers me. I understand it's most commonly the result of a full bladder pressuring the prostate internally, this morning it was definitely just plain old horniness. It was a long day, during which I had little time to think about sex or ************. I got home tired about two hours ago and had some dinner and a beer. I've showered to make myself presentable and here I am killing time until my lady appears. Tonight I am beginning to feel that old tingle, the anticipatory thrill which was such a huge part of early sexual excitement.

As a teenager I waited for those moments that I could steal away and **** to my latest fantasy or scrap of ****. As an adult with my own place, I can jerk whenever the mood takes me and that has caused it to lose something that used to make it very special. Sad as it may sound, some of the thrill had gone out of the experience, self pleasure has become routine. An ****** is fun, but had fallen into the same category as a beer, a good coffee of a long hot bath - something I do to relax and ****** a moment for myself, not a glorious hedonistic act of self loving. Tonight I'm eager again, waiting for that moment to come.

maybe she'll let me *** tonight. I know I'll want to when I see her body, watch her slight smile. The question is - how much do I want to? Will it be good, or would it be better left another day? How long would it take for the need to become unbearable?
Blandyke Blandyke
31-35, M
May 20, 2012