Love It

I love being teased and then denied ******. the only problem is, my wife is usualy horny after teasing and such and wants to **** so i never get denied. =/

I hope that one day she will come to bead wearing sexy underwear and play with me until i am about to ***, and then go to sleep and leave me to suffer. Or maybe lock me up in a device for a time , that would be so much fun.
willinghubby69 willinghubby69
22-25, M
2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

She should still get to ***. When you get too close, she should put her hand around your nuts and give you a not rough but firm tug to make it stop. Makes you get used to lasting longer too, which every woman deserves.

Your right, she should get to *** as much as she wants. My balls are pretty sensitive it would probably hurt

Recently I've been helping my wife ********** to ******. I wasn't able to have sex because of a health issue, so we started alternative play arrangements. It has been really fun and she has blossomed a lot sexually. Now she just wants me to help her reach amazing *******, then rolls over and goes to sleep. And I'm loving it. She talks about me ******* her again, but I think she really likes the ***** more. And I know she likes all the attention I have been paying her. I havent *** in 60 days, and I just seems to get better every day.

thats awesome! i often fantasize about my wife making me **** her with a strap on instead of my penis.