Tarry A While, Darling

Prithee, tarry:
You men will never tarry.
O foolish Cressid! I might have still held off,
And then you would have tarried.
   ~ Troilus and Cressida, Act IV, scene ii

I was wiped out tonight, but I still enjoyed the play, especially the second act with all the action.  And I'm not just talking the sword fights and fisticuffs, though they were really well done.  I do love a well-choreographed combat scene, and this production had a bunch of 'em.  The actors played out some of the warring from The Iliad, a la Shakespeare.  So there were some differences which my son was quick to point out to me.  I wasn't really interested in the specifics of how the story differed from Homer's version, but I listened because I adore my boy and this mattered to him.

I was interested in the byplay betwixt Troilus and Cressida after they made whoopee.  Once the pair slept together, he was rarin' to go.  He tries to get her to go back inside as he prepares to leave.

I prithee now, to bed.
Are you a-weary of me?
O Cressida! but that the busy day,
Waked by the lark, hath roused the ribald crows,
And dreaming night will hide our joys no longer,
I would not from thee.
Night hath been too brief.

    ~ T & C, Act IV, scene ii

I smiled a bit in recognition at the scene.  Once a man has ***, his mind moves on to other things.  I see that often, although not always, after fellows cam for me.   It's why the request of a certain gentleman to help him prolong his state of excitement and delay his release is so damned exciting to me.  I don't want to lose his attention, so keeping him on edge will make both of us happy.  I mean...eventually, I'll let him ***.  I can't hold out forever.  It's too much fun watching him burst.  But I will tease the everliving heck out of his **** and deny him the chance to ********* for a good long time.  He shall tarry with me.

I thought about this during the scene with the pretty young actress who played Cressida and the handsome young man who played her lover.  And I looked out at the audience members seated opposite me across the stage in the small theatre.  Some of the women had smiled a bit when she said she should have held off so he would have tarried.  My son caught my eye and gave me a grin.  He's growing up, that boy.  It's a weird thing to think of my child having sex, but I know it will happen some day soon.  I hope he tarries with someone special, and enjoys her company as a person as well as a sex partner.  I think he will.  He doesn't strike me as the wham, bam, thank you ma'am sort.
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Kinda makes me want to cam with you. And take in a play. Randomly beautiful...


hehe great story