Blue Balls, Self Inflicted

I'm helping a friend out today, minding her shop. It's very quiet, only had three customers all morning and I was getting bored. Also a bit horny.

I got drunk last night and that always has a certain effect. I don't know why but when I'm hungover, I'm horny. I've never understood it but the slight nausea and persistent headache of the morning after is always matched by a insistent nagging from the trouser department. A sensible person might have turned on the cricket commentary or settled down to read a safe novel, hoping to ignore their libido. Not me. Being stupid I logged on to EP, read a couple of stories and straight away got hard.

Don't worry - I'm not about to be arrested for indecent exposure. I'm safe enough on the laptop, the screen is hidden from the shop and anyone who comes in. I can browse whatever I want. Unfortunately I cannot do anything more than browse. There's a cafe opposite and all day customers sit in the window and watch me. If I lost control and began stroking my trousers I would be seen for sure. I can't shut the shop and nip into the back for a ****, I just know that the delivery I'm waiting for would come, and I can't tell my friend that her stock has gone back to the depot because I was spanking it in the toilet.

There's no way of getting release, but it's nice to build up a little tension, tease myself by getting aroused, knowing that I have to wait for an ****** until I go home. Then I took it to another level.

Just as I frequent EP, I also visit other sites, amomngst them a webcam service. I have a regular lady there and sometimes check in just to say hi. Today she wasn't online, but I found another girl, a beautiful blonde called Erika, who had forgotten to turn off her camera. There she was giving a full ***** show to a group of people on one site, and completely unaware that she was giving all us lucky perverts a free show on another. What choice did I have? Everybody knows that you can't turn off free ****, (it may have been Friends that covered that issue) I sat there for 15 minutes, watching her. Admiring her long legs in their black stockings, ogling her lovely soft breasts with their tiny erect nipples. She had a lovely mole on her ribs under the right breast that teasingly drew the eyes. She flirted superbly with the camera, posing deightfully, before producing a pink latex ***** and giving herelf the rogering of a lifetime. She sat facing the camera legs akimbo, she curled her legs up to one side to show the full curve of her bottom, she crouched on all fours and plunged herself from behind. In her time on screen she gave a complete show and I can scarcely imagine how many men across the globe shot their loads watching her. Sadly I was not one of them. The show has ended, I've watched her get dressed again (The five minutes wandering around the room in pink thong and grey t-shirt was almost as good as the show itelf). Now I have a serious case of blue balls and can hardly wait to get home and give myself a proper seeing to. There's nothing that quite matches that powerful tingle in the tip of your ****, your whole body is crying out for you to grab it and jerk off, satiate your lust with ******, but knowing that you can't just yet...
Blandyke Blandyke
31-35, M
Nov 26, 2012