Some months ago I had a problem with the head of my penis, some sort of infection, which I got rid of with cream, but the sensitive head remained very sore for weeks and weeks. I tried all sorts of creams, but nothing made any difference.
Having penetrative sex with my wife was impossible, as it hurt like hell, and while I could **********, it was difficult, and it always set my recovery back a couple of weeks, so I tried very hard not to satisfy myself, but it made me crazy with frustration.
My wife has a much lower sex drive than me, and if we're going to have sex she likes to be ****** hard and fast, then made to *** with my fingers. Since I couldn't **** her, she eventually, after about three weeks got a bit horny and frustrated, and she told me I would have to lick her to try to satisfy her. Wow, that certainly worked! She came really fast and really hard.
"Well, that's that problem solved!" she announced, but it didn't solve my problem.
Finally, I plucked up courage to see a doctor, and I ended up seeing the doctor my wife sees, a mature and rather attractive unmarried woman. She is also a bit assertive, just like my wife, so I was extremely nervous when she instructed me to drop my trousers and briefs. I thought she wouldn't touch my shrivelled frightened penis, but she grabbed it and pushed the foreskin back sharply, which hurt like mad, causing me to shreik. "Now don't be a baby" She chided me.
"Well" she started "I think you've damaged it by over ************, and since you go on ************, it doesn't get a chance to get better. I want to have a meeting with your wife to discuss how we can stop this nasty selfish habit of yours"
Great, I thought, now what are they going to cook up.
The next day my wife was later home than usual and explained that she'd been to see the doctor. The outcome was that I had to promise to be totally chaste until my wounded penis got better, but if I couldn't manage that, the doctor would prescribe a cage to be locked on to my penis to control my bad habit. The doctor said she would keep the keys.
There was more. Apparently the doctor told my wife that it was bad for her psychologically to have sex so infrequently. She insisted that in future I make my wife *** every weekend, using my tongue, which I didn't object to, except that it would make my frustration worse. In addition, she suggested my wife fondle my balls when I was licking her, so I would feel involved in the sex, and to give my balls a good hard squeeze when she was *******, so I would feel satisfied that I had pleased my wife.
Well, we followed the plan for about a month, and I tried really hard not to give in to my frustration and ****, but I could only last a week at a time, and I was not really getting better at all.
My wife said that I needed to make an appointment with the doctor to be measured for my cage. I could tell by her expression that she was enjoying every minute of this.
"On the other hand" she said smiling and holding out a red tube of some sort of ointment "you could try this cream, it's got Cortizone in it, which you can't get here, but it should clear it up in a couple of days"
"I would have suggested it earlier, but I was having such fun! You can carry on with the tongue action, after you've recovered, maybe it would be nice for me if you lick me after you've *** inside me" she suggested.
"Of course my love, whatever you would like"
The cream cured me in three days, and on the following Saturday morning I ****** my wife and came in about sixty seconds. After I'd calmed a little she put her hand on the top of my head and said "My turn"
Boomerang7 Boomerang7
56-60, M
Jan 21, 2013