Blue Balls - When Can I *** ?

I started going to a massage parlor a while back. This is an average looking place, that has normal clients of all types: Women getting foot rub or body massages, and some men like me looking for a bit more. The first couple of times I went there, it was just a plain massage. I decided to give it another try, and the next time, at the end, she oiled up my **** and stroked it. I had already been into tease & denial somewhat, so told her it was ok if I didn't *** ..... which she was fine with.

Well, over time, she has really got into being a domme masseuse. She has tied my hands, teased and punished my **** and balls ..... she has no hesitation about pinching me hard enough to make bruises, while slapping my balls. She does not allow me to touch her, but the temptation to just tough her a tiny bit is sometimes too much and I reach out to touch her arm. That usually bring a hard ball slap that sets me straight.

Recently she has been more into edge play .... making me get right to the edge over & over ...... driving me nuts, then making me get dressed while hard & frustrated. She also makes me get massages from the other women working there, instructing them that I am not allowed to ***, but they can tease & punish me as much as they like.

The other day, and new masseuse was working there, and she was soooo attractive, teasing me and driving me crazy. She allowed a fair amount of touching her, roaming my hands gently over her tight (dressed) body. Then the boss came in for an additional 30 minutes of teasing.

Yesterday, I was back for 90 minutes of excruciating **** teasing .... I was almost crying to be allowed to *** !! She just laughs and tells me she doesn't care that I want to ***, she wants me to stay big & hard, ready for her teasing.

I am writing this the next morning, with a raging erection in my pants and many hours of frustrated teasing in my balls ...... damn, they hurt ......... and I am desperate for her to let me *** ........... oh, I forgot. She told me to ********** every day for at least 10 minutes without coming .... only allowed to *** when she gives permission, which she said will be another month !!!

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FEMALE CONTROL in another form, yet it is the way it should be in every relationship that a male has with a FEMALE!! FEMALES possess the power, they should use it, and THEIR POWER would be endless!!

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