Out Of My League


There's a few parts to this.

You. First off. I see you, hear you, think of you and WANT you.

and you know it.

Lots of people want you. You get a wide choice of people and I am not partner material, you are way, way out of my league. You are someone I can never have.

You know I am safe, will never overstep your boundaries, and like in courtly love, choose and accept your favour to grant me some attention and enjoy the suffering of wanting more.

You don't want me. You do enjoy the compliment, and also my suffering and desire amuses you.

I welcome your teasing, intensification, closeness and ultimately cruel denial of my desires. It is OK with others - we both consent to this game and perhaps you take being called a cocktease as another compliment and something you like being good at.

You ask and I share my experience. You ask and I share my vulnerability - my desires, wants, needs - so you can play on them all the more.

I offer to amuse you, make no demands.

You know why I want you and how I feel - and that you being someone I can't have makes me want you all the more.

BlueDreamUK BlueDreamUK
41-45, M
2 Responses Feb 21, 2010