Five Problems In The Use Of Wire Rope

1、Unsafely: Wire breakage accidents caused by strength loss are always existing in the use of wire ropes. According to survey conducted by USA authority organization, 12% in-service wire ropes in 8,000 wire rope laboratories and application sites are in an extremely dangerous situation.
2、Diseconomy: Regular replacement of wire ropes causes huge waste. The statistics from USA indicates that 70% of those compulsively replaced wire ropes have just a little or little strength loss.
3、Inefficiency: Traditional visual inspection method costs long time and labor, and is inefficient.
4、Unreliable: Manual inspection is not reliable and many hidden dangers can not be detected.
5、Catastrophic Consequences: Serious wire breakage accident inevitably caused serious damage. Every year wire rope failure accident always happens in different industries all over the world such as, mining, ports, steel mills, petroleum, ropeway, elevator, hoisting, and transportation. Those accidents cause huge property loss and a heavy toll of lives.
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Sep 5, 2012