Magnetic Characteristics Properties Of Ferromagnetic Materials

According to quantum mechanics,“magnetic domains”exist among adjacent electrons of ferromagnetic medium,which are lined up in a certain shape because of the interactive and coupling effect of the electrons’spin magnetic moment.Inside each magnetic domain,the direction of spin magnetic moment is the same.(see Fig.3).

When the magnetic domains are distributed in disorder,the ferromagnetic medium is not magnetic.When the distribution of magnetic domains is dominant along one direction,the ferromagnetic medium is magnetic.(see Fig.3).

Under given condition,external magnetic field reaction will change the quantity of magnetic domains in a certain direction,meanwhile it will make the ferromagnetic materials to store or release certain magnetic energy.Furthermore,these changes will not be recovered by the withdrawal of the external magnetic field(i.e.generating magnetic loading).The magnetic loading will form magnetometive force in certain symmetrical space,which will last for a long time in the ferromagnetic materials unless there is violent mechanical vibration,high-temperature change and etc.

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Sep 5, 2012