Tck Weak Magnetism Inspection Technology

TCK Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd is a High–Tech Company in researching, manufacturing, spreading and serving non-destructive inspection instruments for ferromagnetic materials. We have the most advanced "weak magnetic" core technology and all the intellectual property of this independently-developed high-tech innovation.
TCK sensor’s sensitivity is of 250 thousands of times higher than existing technology (Hall’s sensor or induction coil). It will certainly lead to a huge transform in the field of ferromagnetic material detection.
TCK Weak Magnetism Inspection Technology,R&D by TCK science team leaded by Professor Dou Yutang, who is outstanding Chinese Automation expert, is of the original grand scientific achievement for qualititative inspection on ferromagnetic material.
TCK has Three Innovations and Two Breakthroughs
    Establish the theory of “Spatial Magnetic Field Vector Resultants”;
Discover the method of “Weak Magnetism Inspection”
Invent the technology of “Dou Sensors”.
With these three innovations, TCK has solved the following two challenges faced by the NDT field for over a century.
Quantitative detection on both external and internal wire rope defects.
Correct evaluation of the residual carrying capacity, safety status and service life
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Sep 10, 2012