Application And Exploitation Of The Tck ‘weak Magnetic’ Inspection Technology

1.Wire rope NDT application is known as the most complex technology among all the ferromagnetic NDT study.

2.Now TCK is offering the best solution to the world. In mining industry, marine industry, metallurgy industry, for the ropeways, the elevators, the cranes, and the conveyor belts, TCK inspection machines have been widely applied.

3.Research projects are ongoing in TCK to apply our core technology into the non-destructive inspection of other ferromagnetic materials. For example, developing the devices to inspect the oil pipes, the massive steel structures, and improving our sensors into a more integrated standard sensor unit which represent a progressive tide and a larger market share in the future.

4.TCK weak magnetic inspection technology also will be the only innovative technology in the field of the other ferromagnetic material applications.
tckchinamartin tckchinamartin
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Sep 10, 2012