The Dissipation Of Wire Rope (cont.)

In China, popularity rate for wire rope tester is extremely low. In 2004, TCK conducted a survey study, 6000 surveys were sent out, and 1553 responses were received. Among these 1553 medium to large sized mining enterprises, less than 1% of these enterprises have had used wire rope testers in before. Among the past users, few of enterprise are still using the traditional wire rope tester. According to the responses, the traditional wire rope tester is “non-convenient” and appears to have sufficient technical defects.
It is the same case for other countries around the world. According to the Department of Industry Relations and Employment, due to the lack of available technology, corrosion and fatigue for wire rope is unable to be detected. In order to avoid wire rope accidents caused by these factors, the statuary requirement had been enforcing the wire rope users to replace the wire rope basing on the time of using.
Knowing the waste and the inefficiency of the “maximum useful life” policy, Australian Minerals Industry Research Association initiated a joint research program with University of New South Wales and tries to develop a wire rope testing device to overcome the barrier. Unfortunately, the wire rope tester developed by this project can not detect the loss of strength for a wire rope caused by corrosion or fatigue. The idea of compulsory installation for wire rope testers is thus given up. Without a reliable wire rope tester, the statuary requirement of “maximum useful life” is imposed to the industry users until today.
The importance of internal flaws and fatigue is also stated by J H Hodges, who is the executive director of Division of Workplace Health and Safety in Queensland Australia. As Hodges stated in his article, visible external flaws are not the direct cause of wire rope breakage, in most of cases, the wire rope breakage is caused by internal flaws and fatigue. He further emphasized the importance of regular inspection for the wire ropes and demanded all wire rope users to follow the practice code conducted by the government.
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Sep 10, 2012