Be Cautious To Steady Wire Rope

As a “high risk” component of important hoisting and conveying equipments, wire rope is regarded as the “lifeline” in many industries. However, due to the lack of scientific and reliable inspection instruments, the safety status of in-service wire ropes has remained the “blind spot” in the operation of hoisting and conveying equipments.

Manual Inspection
The most widely used manual inspecting methods: rag-and-visual method, visual inspection, and rope diameter measurement;
only detect surface defects, can not detect “hidden dangers” such as internal broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, and esp. fatigue.

Periodic Rope Retirement
Changing wire ropes according to statutory service life or load capacity;
lack of scientific base;can not assure safety, but result in huge waste.
tckchinamartin tckchinamartin
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Sep 14, 2012