Tck Innovation? Breakthrough? Have You Heard Of That?

TCK weak magnetism inspection technology is based on the successful discovery of the movement rules of the “Spatial Magnetic Field Vector Resultant”. It is represented by “three innovations” and “two breakthroughs”.

The Three Innovations:
1Establishing the new theory of “Spatial Magnetic Field Vector Resultant”;
2Discovering the new method of “Weak Magnetism Inspection”;
3Developing the new technology of “Dou Element” weak magnetic sensors;

The Two Breakthroughs:
1Quantitatively inspecting on both external and internal defects such as broken wires, abrasion, corrosion and especially fatigue;
2 Correctly evaluating test wire rope’s residual bearing capacity,
safety status, and service life.
tckchinamartin tckchinamartin
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Sep 14, 2012