How Do You See System Function Of Tck Tester

Quantitatively detecting both external and internal flaws such as broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue, and other defects; and correctly evaluating the test wire rope’s residual bearing capacity, safety status and service life
Real time Sound/Light alarm function during the inspection process
Online automatic calibrating technique to ensure the accuracy of inspection results
Self-diagnosis function to ensure the system operate reliably
Quantitatively calculate broken wires in one unit of length and rope diameter reduction
Integrated design of testing instrument and meters, with no need for external power supply and cable connection
With a working air-gap of 20-30 mm (between the sensor and the surface of the test wire rope) and the opposite motion mode of the guide wheels and the test wire rope, TCK portable rope testers have an exceptional passing capability, which is not affected by broken wires, rope deformation, oil sludge, dirt and other factors, and capable of work under any working conditions
During inspection, the tester’s inner bush will not rub against the wire rope directly and intensely, which is designed for permanent use, with no need to replace or maintain frequently
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Sep 14, 2012