Tck Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System Configuration

① TCK Modular inspection device
-On-line installation and automatic operation
- Wide-space and non-contact inspection to ensure safety operation of the inspection device
- Real-time non-destructive testing for flaws when wire ropes in normal operation
-Weak magnetism sensors with high sensitivity, high stability and high responsiveness
-Suitable for all-weather indoor and outdoor working environments, with rain-proof, shock-proof, and oil-proof design.
-Routine maintenance free.
② TCK intelligent data collection & conversion workstation
-Intelligent multi-channel two-way automatic information communication mode
- Modular multi-function unit combination, easy for updating.
-Shield-type information receiving & conversion and anti-interference design.
- embedded real-time alarming program, with “yellow light” for early warning flaws and “red light” for over-limit warning flaws.
③TCK-GMS Photoelectrical Distance/Speed Measuring Device
Adopt high-precision explosion-proof photoelectrical encoder and light aluminum frame
Anti-loosening mechanical structure, self-clamp-floating cantilever support, and friction wheel with multi-channel anti-slip rings ensure a reliable meter/speed measuring
Integrated anti-shake, pulse shaping, and equal accuracy tachometer…etc industrial design with features of stable signal and high accuracy meter/speed measuring
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Sep 14, 2012