Tck Bx 30 Portable Wire Rope Tester System Configuration

Keywords:Wire rope inspection, wire rope test, wire rope defect, wire rope safety, wire rope;wire rope NDT; Conveyor belt inspection; Conveyor belt NDT ;Conveyor belt testing

System Configuration:
1. TCK-RC30 weak magnetic loader
􀀀 rare-earths permanent magnetic load unit
􀀀 permanent magnetic status without power supply
2. TCK-BX30 Defectoscope and Data Logger
􀀀 4 Channel TCK “Eagle-eye” Sensor Modules;
􀀀 TCK Noise Immunity Module;
􀀀 TCK State-diagnosing Module
􀀀 TCK Digitization Module
􀀀 TCK Signal Fidelity Module
􀀀 Communication serial port (RS232)
􀀀 Communication baud rate 11200bps
􀀀 128 x 128 LCD
􀀀 512kROM, built-in international secondary
􀀀 16-bit industrial CPU
􀀀 32M data storage, remaining; 10 years data
retention during power-down.
􀀀 embedded real-time clock
􀀀 Input voltage: DC +9V
3. Supplementary
􀀀 “TCK Lithium battery”, “TCK Lithium battery
charger” and “charger socket”
􀀀 Dedicated Analysis Software of TCK3.0 Version
(Upper Machine)
􀀀 Rope guiding bush
􀀀 Cable and tool
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Sep 19, 2012