Mechanical Structure Of Tck-bx Portable Wire Rope Testers

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TCK-BX portable wire rope testers come with auto-unlocking device, which can self-unlock from the wire rope in emergency situation. The protective caps avoid oil sludge splattering, and the guide wheels at both ends of the tester keep the target wire rope in the center of the tester and also act as buffers for the bouncing and vibration of the wire rope.

Function Units of TCK-BX Portable Wire Rope Testers
1) DC electromagnetic coils;
2) TCK system self-diagnosis module --- automatically check the system status before inspection;
3) TCK digital module --- AD/DA signal conversion;
4) TCK “Eagle Eye” detecting module --- calibrating and signal extracting;
5) TCK S/N quality module --- signal quality fidelity;
6) TCK 128 x 128 LCD Display --- real-time display of testing results;
7) embedded 32-bit industrial CPU --- support 32M data recording, storing, retrieving, processing, converting and displaying;
8) Large capacity program storage system;
9) Large capacity data storage system --- maintaining testing data for 10 years without power supply;
10) Imbedded hardware real-time clock.

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