Systemic Functions

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1. Quantitatively inspecting broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue
and other flaws and correctly evaluating the residual bearing capacity
and service life of the inspected wire rope;
2. Be able to test multiple elevator wire ropes simultaneously;
3. Quantify broken wires within one lay length and rope diameter
4. Online inspection and real time Sound/Light alarm at defect point;
5. Online automatic calibration to ensure accuracy of inspection results;
6. Automatic self-diagnosis function to ensure equipment operate
7. Simple instrument keyboard setting, rolling linear logic interface switch,
indicative man-machine conversation, intelligent embedded program
operation and simple and convenient operation;
8. Connected to a portable PC and testing data, flaw curves, data tables
and numerical test report could be viewed right after the inspection;
9. Expert software for data processing, data analysis, test result display,
report printing, data storage, and data file management;
10. High capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery unit;
11. High strength and anti-corrosion organic insulation materials are
chosen for the tester head unit to protect the operator from electrical
shock and other related hazards;
12. CE certified, no magnetic pollution and not interfering the normal
operation of other electronic and communication equipments in the
working locale;
13. Splash proof (water and oil), dust and moisture proof.

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