Tck System Workflow

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(1)TCK Modular inspection Device: Installed at the chosen location, it will
automatically inspect the wire rope during normal production operation. The basic steps include the following:
1. Magnetize the wire rope with TCK Weak Magnetic Loader to prepare it for
2. Retrieve and send holographic signals from the target wire rope by TCK
high-performance sensor unit.

(2)TCK Intelligent Data Collection & Conversion Workstation (DCCW):After receiving the original testing signals, the multifunction DCCW converts the analog signals to digital signals, processes and stores the original testing data, and communicates the processed digital data in real time to the Terminal Control Center for further analysis.

(3)Distance Measuring Device links with coupling machinery of target wire
rope, generates pulse signals for position information according to the running
position of wire rope and send the position signals and defect signals of wire rope to main control station synchronously

(4)TCK Self-controlled Sound/Light Alarm Device: It provides early-warning signals according to the data processing result by the DCCW. The warningsignals represent different safety status of the wire rope and are based upon the damage degree of the tested wire rope and relevant industry standards.
Green Light: the wire rope is in safe condition, and all the detected flaws are
lower than 60% of the security warning level.
Yellow Light: more regular maintenance is needed as flaws, with values bigger than 60% and smaller than 90% of the security warning level, are detected.
Red Light: the wire rope is in serious danger, and severe flaws are detected, with values above 90% of the security warning level.
(5)TCK Multi-channel Terminal Control Center: It executes comprehensive
analysis of the received testing data and generates daily test report about the
target wire rope’s safety status and the trend of damage development. It allows the user to retrieve testing information of the target wire rope at present and a historical time about its damage status and degradation trend, with detected flaws specified by their values, positions, types and curves. All the information could be displayed and printed out. The Test Report presents the testing results in both flaw curves and numerical data table, which help the user know the target wire rope’s safety status just at a glance.

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